About Schneider Haus

Schneider Haus National Historic Site is a dynamic, community museum located in the heart of downtown Kitchener. A local landmark and one of Kitchener's oldest dwellings, the 1816 homestead was restored and furnished, then opened as a living history museum in 1981. The heart of the complex is a fine Georgian-frame farmhouse that was built by and was home to the area's earliest non-Indigenous settlers, Joseph and wife Barbara Schneider, Pennsylvania-German Mennonites.

Waterloo Region, including the three cities and four townships, is located on the traditional territories of the Neutral (Attawandaron), Anishnaabe (pronounced Ah-nish-naw-bay) and Haudenosaunee (pronounced Ho-den-noh-show-nee) peoples. Waterloo Region is part of The Haldimand Tract, which encompasses six miles on either side of the Grand River from the mouth near Dundalk to where it empties into Lake Erie at Port Maitland also referred to as the One Dish/One Spoon Treaty territory.