Schneider Haus Rental Space

Schneider Haus room rentals are ideal for small meetings and gatherings. To make a booking and for more information call 519-742-7752.

Available from February to December, Schneider Haus offers an engaging space in a historical setting within downtown Kitchener. Our room rentals can accommodate up to 40 people, dependent upon the set-up. The room features a screen and complimentary Wi-Fi access. Our room rentals are charged at an hourly rate.

Room rentals during regular business hours offers attendees access to our galleries and historic house, providing a unique cultural experience for your guests.  

After hour rentals are subject to a three hour minimum charge. For rentals after hours, attendees view the galleries only. The Schneider Haus can be viewed seasonally during that time for an additional fee. Room rentals will include a security staff member to be present at the event when the museum is closed.

All food and beverage requirements must be provided by one of the museum’s exclusive caterers.  Please ask for a list of our current caterers if your meeting requires these services.

Renting rooms in the facility for a private function does not secure exclusive use of the facility; only the space rented. Activities shall not interfere with normal public operation of the museum and must be consistent with the museum's mission as an educational and cultural institution. Museum exhibitions, collections, and furnishings may not be altered or removed. Schneider Haus reserves the right to waive or modify the stated guidelines.