Our Collections and Research


As a community museum the Schneider Haus collection reflects the unique identity and folk traditions of Waterloo Region. With a focus on local Germanic folk art, the Schneider Haus collection consists of more than 7,000 objects.

Schneider Haus is also home to the nationally certified Canadian Harvest Collection, which includes pieces representing the greater Germanic folk tradition of Canada.

The Schneider Haus collection includes a variety of unique pieces. Pictured right is an example of Fraktur, a folk art tradition of decorated texts and stylized drawings. This example is by local artist Anna Weber dated February 27, 1875.

Other items in the collection include paintings, drawings, calligraphy, pottery, weaving, paper cutwork, ironware, treen, woodcarving, decorated furniture and needlework, woven coverlets, hooked rugs, quilts, bookplates, illuminated family registers, birth records, inscribed books, glazed earthenware, weather-vanes and whirligigs (wind toys, sculpture, decorated utensils (butterprints, cabbage cutters, powder horns, tools), leatherwork, decorated gum boxes, toys, game boards and more.  

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