2018 Edna Staebler Research Fellow

"Heavenly Letter Amulets Peddled by Colporteurs in 19th Century Waterloo" - Dr. Reginald Good

Thursday, February 21, 7 to 9 p.m. 

The printed paper Himmels-Briefe, or Heavenly Letters, were purchased in the belief they offered their owners protection against disease, disaster and the devil. Dr. Good will explore the history of these popular printed paper amulets, as well as investigate why certain versions had particular resonance with the Germans in Pennsylvania and their descendants in Waterloo County. 

The Edna Staebler Research Fellowship was created to increase knowledge and expand understanding of folk cultures and founding peoples of Waterloo Region. This lecture is sponsored by the Friends of Joseph Schneider Haus.

Copies of the Research Fellows' reports are available at Schneider Haus.

 Previous Research Fellows and Subjects  
Paul and Hildi Tiessen, Ephraim Weber's letters from home, 1902-1955; letters from Ephraim Weber to Leslie Staebler (1994)

Kate Burridge, Pennsylvania German as spoken in Waterloo County (1997)

Ross Fair, Model Farmers, Dubious Citizens: Pennsylvania Germans in Upper Canada 1783-1850 (1998)

Barbara Lorenzkowski, A Homeland of German Song and Sound: Singing Festivals in Waterloo County, 1874-1912 (1999)

Barbara Draper, Worship and Community: Life of the Mennonites of Waterloo County in the Nineteenth Century (2001)

Paul Tiessen, The Poetics of Everyday Life: Gordon Christian Eby's diary from pre-war Berlin to post-war Kitchener (2002)

Nancy-Lou Patterson, An Attitude of the Heart: Form and Meaning in Folk and Traditional Arts (2003)

Carolyn Herzog, The Schmecks' of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area: Edna Staebler and the Foodways of Waterloo County, Canada 1960-1990s (2004)

Hildi Froese Tiessen, A Waterloo County Mennonite Novel [Ephraim Weber, 1870-1956] (2005)

Kathleen Schmalz, History in the Family: An Arts-based Analysis (2007)

Bryan Lovasz, Animosity, Ambivalence and Co-operation:  Heterogeneous German Identities in the Kitchener-Waterloo area around the Second World War (2008)

Christopher Yordy, From Pioneering Stewardship to Green Enterprise: Mennonite Farming and Agricultural Sustainability in Waterloo Region (2009)

Joanna Rickert-Hall, If These Walls Could Talk. Rescued From Oblivion:  A Biography of the 1820 Log School House (2011)

Susan Saunders Mavor, RIEDER, RUBBER AND ROMANCE: How Kitchener Became the Rubber Capital of Canada (2013)  

Marion Roes, Undertaking in Waterloo County: Funeral Businesses and Practices From mid-1800s to mid-1900s (2014)

Hillary Walker Gugan, Finding Roots: The Construction of Heritage at Joseph Schneider Haus. (2015)

Heather MacDonald, A Balancing Act: The Dynamic History of The Waterloo Historical Society, 1960-2012 (2016)

Elliot Worsfold, Welcoming Strangers: German Lutheran Immigration to Canada, 1945-1960s (2017)