Canada at Play: 100 Years of Games, Toys and Sports

On exhibit September 8 to December 23, 2018

Despite this century’s astonishing developments in science, medicine and technology, some things remain comfortingly constant. The games we play, children’s toys, and the sporting activities we enjoy have changed very little over the last 130 years. Children still play with dolls and rocking horses, Checkers, Parchisi and Snakes & Ladders continue to brighten rainy afternoons,
and skating, tobogganing and hockey remain an integral part of Canadian winters.

Games Days! 2 to 4 p.m.
Visit Canada at Play, our exhibit on the history of toys and games, and spend the afternoon playing card games. Snacks and games included with admission.
Saturday, October 20 - Board Games
Saturday, November 17 - Card Games
Sunday, December 9 - Traditional Parlour Games

Canada at Play: 100 Years of Games, Toys and Sports explores the world of Canadiana toys through its 5 centres: Canada at Play: Introduction, Winter Sports, At Home, Factory and Handmade Toys and Educational Toys.

This exhibit was created by the Royal Ontario Museum through its Exhibits and Community Program. The Royal Ontario Museum is an agency of the Government of Ontario. 

Ring Around the Maple: Play and Childhood Culture in Settler Canada - September 16
This illustrated talk focuses on the importance of play in the culture of childhood, and the ways in which children's toys in Canada have changed --and stayed the same--as the nation itself has "grown up" over the twentieth century.