Family Programs

Family activities take place at Schneider Haus National Historic Site that everyone can take part in!

April - Get Earth-y

Can you feel the Earth about to spring back to life? This month enjoy eco-activities that will get you thinking about the Earth’s natural environment.

May - Funky Fibres

You’re wearing them almost all day long, every day, but have you stopped to consider where the threads you dress in started out? Drop by Schneider Haus and experience fibres in a whole new way!

May - Hands-on Weaving Project

A collaborative weaving project will take place throughout the month of May. Help us weave chunky ‘T-shirt yarn’ into an oversized 1.2 meter (4 foot) square frame loom. 

June - Get Grubby at Schneider Haus!

Don’t be shy, dig in... we’ll be planting and harvesting all month long, so why not come in and feel the Earth between your fingers too!