Inking the Bond: Memorial Tattoos

On exhibit to September 6.

When someone dies, their absence is keenly felt by those who care about them. The scholarly understanding of grief has recently evolved to recognize that a relationship shifts, rather than ends, when a person dies. Memorial tattoos depict a relationship with the deceased on the surface of the skin. In effect, these tattoos are inking the bond with the person who has died.

Dr. Susan Cadell, a Professor of Social work at Renison University College, has been researching the meaning and stories behind memorial tattoos and their meaningful legacy for loved ones who have died.

Inking the Bond is a series of meaningful images from her research exhibited in a fashion that is accessible for the public during the current COVID crisis. The exhibition has two components; one is Schneider Haus National Historic Site mounting light box images along the historic house, the second is Individual images exhibited throughout the community.

Visit our community partners to see the full exhibit:
Full Circle Foods
Kitchener Farmers Market
White Tiger Vintage
Matter of Taste
Café Pyrus
Grand Surf Lounge
Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
Wordsworth Books
Waterloo Public Library

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The Kitchener leg starts and ends at Schneider Haus.  3.5 kms, 45 minutes. Link here
The Waterloo leg starts and ends at Waterloo Library.  1.2 kms, 16 minutes. Link here

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