Summer at Schneider Haus

Summer at Schneider Haus

Join us in July and August to see what life was like in the 1800s and experience something different every day!

Mondays - Laundry and Hygiene
Roll up your sleeves and learn how the Schneiders made soap, did the washing, mending, ironing, and cleaning without modern appliances and products.

Tuesdays - Wool Processing
The Schneiders will be washing, carding, spinning, and dyeing wool all summer.

Wednesdays - Health and Folk Medicines 
Time-honoured recipes for herbal medicines will be brewed using cuttings from our four-square garden.

Thursdays - Food Preservation and Storage
Get a first-hand look at transforming the harvest. Produce will be pickled and dried, as the Schneiders prepare for
the winter ahead.

Fridays and Saturdays - Bake Days
Help make yeast, bread, pies, puddings, and sample a bite or two.

Sundays - Sampler
Explore the quiet pursuits of a summer Sunday. Try traditional handcrafts, tour the garden, and
enjoy a cup of lemon balm tea.