Restoration of the Site

This prominent Kitchener building has undergone many changes since first being erected in 1816. By 1979, when the restoration process first began, the building had been converted into a duplex and its walls were layered with paint and wallpaper.

Through dedication and careful research, a team of historians, architects, archaeologists, volunteers, and craftspeople revealed the details of the house's earlier life. Structural changes that had been made in the 1840s and 50s are represented in today's interpretation of the historic homestead. By 1856, the Schneiders had replaced their open hearth with a modern cook stove, the kitchen had been expanded and a back porch added. On the exterior of the house, the original plaster siding had been replaced with weatherboarding.

Details of the renovation process are outlined in This Old Haus: A Place in Time by the museum's founding curator, Susan M. Burke, available in the museum gift-shop.