The Haus

Take a 360 tour of the Schneider Haus kitchen.

History comes to life at Schneider Haus National Historic Site! Nestled right in the heart of the downtown, Schneider Haus is the oldest house in Kitchener. Experience connections between today’s world and the families of the past who lived there. The site features hands-on activities, changing exhibits, interactive tours, special events and more! Schneider Haus National Historic Site. Old Haus, New Stories.

A local landmark and Kitchener's oldest dwelling, the 1816 homestead was restored and furnished, then opened as a living history museum in 1981. The heart of the complex is a fine Georgian-frame farmhouse that was built by and was home to the area's earliest non-Indigenous settlers, Joseph and wife Barbara Schneider, Pennsylvania-German Mennonites.

Schneider Haus was restored and opened as a living history museum in 1981. Costumed interpreters represent life in 1856, which was when the second generation of Schneiders occupied the homestead.

Typical of a traditional Pennsylvania-German farmstead in Waterloo County were domestic outbuildings, where seasonal tasks such as wool processing, butchering, pickling, and preserving took place. Carefully researched and recreated at the Schneider Haus are the wash house, springhouse, bake/schnitz house, wood shed, and privy. 

Today, history comes to life as staff demonstrate traditional tasks in concert with the seasons. The modern interpretation wing hosts gallery exhibits, workshops, and lectures. Come for a visit and enjoy hands-on activities, special events, and more!