Daily Activities

Family activities take place at Schneider Haus National Historic Site that everyone can take part in!

June - Get Grubby at Schneider Haus!

Don't be shy, dig in... we'll be planting and harvesting all month long, so why not come in and feel the Earth between your fingers too!

July and August

Monday Make and Take – Explore a time when everything was handmade and "make" a piece of history to take home. From dairying and woodworking, to toy making and rope making, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Tuesday – Dig in! – Every settler relied on their gardens – check out ours and get your hands into the earth and help our plants to flourish. Take a seed home, make a “mini” four-square garden or sew a sleepy time satchel.

Wednesday – Funky Fabrics – We’ll be exploring all things textile! Try different sewing projects…embroidery, hooking a mini-schnibble mat or sewing a potholder. No experience required!! 

Thursday – Colour your World – We’ll have a natural dye bath brewing each week – bring a t-shirt from home to dye. We’ll be dyeing and spinning wool all summer long!

Friday & Saturday – Bake Days – Traditional bake oven usage – with a twist. Let’s see what this bake oven can really do! Learn how to twist a pretzel like an expert every Friday and Saturday. Check out our communal bake oven program on Saturdays at 2 p.m.

Sunday – Tea - Steeped in History – Taste and make some tea to bring home with you. Special guests throughout the summer will share their tea making skills.