School Programs

We're making history at Schneider Haus! Our immersive curriculum-based programs emphasize hands-on learning in the Historic Haus and outbuildings. Short-term programs run concurrently with our core programs by making use of the galleries and classroom.

Call our Education Co-ordinator to find out more at 519-742-7752 ext. 3247. Email Education Coordinator.

School Programs

Two great programs to alternate between!

Kinderreim - math, language, art
Songs, stories, and number fun that the Schneider children would recognize.

Feathered Friends - math, language, science and technology
March - May
With baby chicks, dancing, egg-sperimentation, and more, this one is always a favorite!

Grades 1 - 4 seasonal - speciality

Patterns and Puzzles - math, art, social studies
September and May We'll show you why quilts are more than something to just throw on your bed!

Plants, Animals and People in the Environment - science and technology, social studies fall and spring
If you'll roll up your sleeves and lend us a hand, we'll show you how we're all connected to the natural world.

Grade 1
Schneider Family Rules - social studies
Bake, do chores, and take on the roles and responsibilities of a Schneider child.
Grade 2
It's Tradition! - social studies
Food, clothing, music, celebration and ceremony are all things we have in common, but do so differently.
Grade 3
Canadian Communities - social studies
Who were the people that lived here before us? Let's take a big step back and see what their lives looked like.
Grade 4

Plants, Animals and People in the Environment

Grade 5
A Matter of Change - science and technology, social studies
Through the act of making bread, we're stirring up a discussion about science and settlement.
Grade 6
Mennonites Past and Present - social studies
The Mennonite community is still a large part of this Region's identity, but how does it affect us?
Grade 7 and 8
Challenge and Change - history and geography
1800 - 1900 was a time of great change for Canada. We can't go back in time, but we can examine it.
Grade 9 - 12
German Language and Heritage - language
Pennsylvania and Continental German collide when we discuss who said and did what when Kitchener was Berlin.
The Schneider's as New Canadians - language
A great opportunity to practice conversational English and discover more about a significant settler family.
Customized Programs
Interested in a certain skill or craft? Perhaps something in our public program has caught your interest. We'd love the opportunity to work with you on something 'off menu.
A Trunkful of Treasures
Outreach programming brought into your classroom.